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Heng An Standard Life (Asia) launches innovative online investment portfolio platform In+ in collaboration with WealthTech expert

Company  |  2024-05-02

Wins the Ming Pao Excellence in Finance Awards for three consecutive years

Heng An Standard Life (Asia) Limited ("HASL Asia" or "the Company") is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative online investment portfolio platform, In+, in celebration of its 25th anniversary. Further enhancing customers’ investment experience, this platform aims to make it even easier for users to manage their portfolios under the investment-linked assurance scheme (ILAS). The Company is also honoured to receive for the third consecutive year the “Excellence in User Experience, Digital Platform Services – Online Investment Platform Award” at the “Awards for Excellence in Finance” organised by Ming Pao, a testament to the Company’s unceasing effort to enhance digital services and advancing fintech development.

In+ has been developed by HASL Asia in collaboration with leading WealthTech provider Magnum Research Limited. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of analytical tools, empowering users with professional investment choice management capabilities under the ILAS and providing them with unparalleled convenience and flexibility in managing their investments anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with model professional investment portfolios and updated market information

Users can simply log in to In+ through their online accounts, where they can select suitable investment choices from over 300 options. They can analyse and compare real-time, transparent, and comprehensive information available in In+ so as to assist them to customise their portfolios under ILAS, and allowing users to make reference to the track records. HASL Asia's professional investment team also provides timely case studies for users, taking market conditions into account, to help them in proper consideration in relation to selection and allocation of investment portfolios under the ILAS.

After logging into In+, users can also access the ranking of the top 10 popular investment choices recorded by the Company, as well as the performance of various investment choices over the past year. This information can serve as a reference for configuring investment portfolios. In+ also provides timely updates on market trends and financial information, allowing users to evaluate the status of their investment portfolios under the ILAS.

Receiving the Awards for Excellence in Finance from Ming Pao once again

The Company is honoured to have received the "Excellence in User Experience, Digital Platform Services – Online Investment Platform Award" for the third consecutive year at the Awards for Excellence in Finance organised by Ming Pao. This recognition reflects the industry’s and experts’ acknowledgment of the Company’s continuous efforts in improving professional service standards and strengthening the competitiveness of the insurance and wealth management industries in Hong Kong through smart technology.

John Law, Chief Product and Technology Officer of HASL Asia, said: “Guided by our brand proposition 'Get more from life', we are committed to enhancing customer experience through technology empowerment. Our latest online investment portfolio management platform, In+, developed in collaboration with leading WealthTech provider Magnum, allows users to access real-time, transparent, and comprehensive investment related information. It also enables them to refer to model investment portfolios created by our professional team at HASL Asia. This allows users to manage their portfolios in accordance with their individual needs and risk preferences to achieve long-term wealth management and protection goals. Leveraging our professional research capabilities, we will continue to adjust and enrich our platform in collaboration with distinctive asset management companies, introducing different types of investment choices to meet the diverse needs of our customers. To date, we have provided over 300 investment choices managed by more than 25 globally renowned fund managers, making us the insurance company with the most investment options available in the Hong Kong ILAS market*. As Hong Kong’s financial industry embarks on a new journey to strengthen its position as a global wealth management centre, we will strive harder to develop innovative and market-leading products and services, enhancing the experience of our customers and business partners."

Kelvin Lei, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Magnum, said, “We are honoured to collaborate with HASL Asia in building an industry-leading investment choice system for ILAS. Empowering users to build their own investment portfolios scientifically is at the core of AQUMON's mission. We believe that this platform will significantly enhance the ILAS investment experience, bringing forth a user-friendly, enduring and futuristic intelligent system.”

Take charge of your own investments

Celebrating the Company’s 25th anniversary with the launch of our award-winning WealthTech platform In+, we now invite financial advisers to join the In+ Investment Simulation Game that starts this month. It offers an opportunity for financial advisers to showcase their investment calibre using In+. The top 10 financial advisers who create the best-performing investment portfolios will have the chance to win e-cash vouchers valued at HK$2,500. They will also be invited to join future advanced level of investment activities organised by the Company’s MoreAcademy.

In addition to improving its digital services, HASL Asia is tying up with the HKSAR Government's new Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (new CIES). The Company’s ILAS products are recognised as one of the permissible investment assets under the new CIES. ILAS products offer life insurance coverage and investment options, making them suitable for customers who seek to fulfil both investment and life protection needs. The ILAS products are designed for long-term purposes, aligned with the minimum 7-year investment period required by customers interested in immigrating to Hong Kong via the new CIES. This allows them to engage in long-term financial planning and smooth transition of assets.

New CIES applicants can access through one ILAS policy for a wide range of investment choices corresponding to the approved underlying funds regulated by the SFC. There is no need for separate applications for each fund, resulting in a streamlined and time-efficient process. With the newly launched and award-winning In+ investment portfolio platform, users can conveniently access the performance record of their investment portfolios any time they want. Through comprehensive financial solutions, HASL Asia believes it can attract customers from Asia who are seeking investment opportunities in Hong Kong and globally. The Company will also continue to collaborate with other professional financial services institutions to meet the long-term financial needs of customers.

*As of 2 May 2024

For information about AQUMON, please access https://www.aqumon.com/en/

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