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We strive to help customers get more from life with HASL Asia


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HASL Asia enjoys a unique blend of Western and Eastern heritage inherited from our UK and Mainland China background


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Investment-linked insurance plans

Our investment-linked insurance plan may help you capture market potential and cater for your insurance needs



Enjoy peace of mind for you and your family with extensive health coverage

Refundable Critical Illness Insurance Plan

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Interest rate

Calculate the interest rate from a range of currencies and dates


Exchange rate

Calculate the exchange rate from a range of currencies and dates


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Access forms to switch policies, sign up for investments, change personal information


Payment methods

Choose your preferred way to pay for policies, investments, and more



Need more clarity? Read our selected list of questions to guide your understanding


Go green

Go green, go paperless Support environmental friendliness by moving away from paper to electronic notices


Investment information

Professional investment management

Our investment-linked insurance plans offer a wide range of investment choices linked to underlying funds managed by reputable investment managers


Notice in relation to investment choices

Stay fully informed on your investments with the up-to-date notices


Our Investment Choices

Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. For details of the risk factors, fees and charges of the plan, please refer to the offering documents of the relevant plan.



Education series

Gain more understanding about your insurance with our guides, from basic principles to managing investments over the long term


Market watch

Follow trends and get the latest information about various industry sectors and behaviours



A lexicon of insurance-related words to help aid your understanding


Payment methods

Payment methods

More convenient 
ways to pay

Choose the payment option that’s right for you.

By mail

Send payment slip with personal cheque or bank draft from Policy Owner or Payer, payable to ‘Heng An Standard Life (Asia) Limited’ (mark the policy number on the back of the cheque).

Please note that post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

Payment-by-Phone service (PPS)

Arrange payment from your PPS account by dialing 18031 (English). Be sure your bill account number is ready. This number is stated on the payment slip. Our merchant code is 9373.

Please select the appropriate category for the Bill Type:

01: Renewal premium + Levy

02: Initial premium + Levy

03: Levy 

04: Loan repayment

05: Auto Policy Loan repayment

06: Other

Important Notes: 

  1. Effective from 17 March 2022, the maximum amount per transaction is HKD30,000.
  2. Please allow 2 working days for payment processing.
  3. All payments should be made by Policyowners. Third party payment is not allowed unless the payor is a designated group of third parties (i.e. Spouse, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter) designated by the Proposer / Policyowner, the payment has to submit together with a "Third Party Payment Declaration Form", relationship proof and / or the identity document of the payor.
  4. To protect your interest, you must not make any payment to the Financial Adviser by any means, including paying cash to the Financial Adviser or deposit money directly to Financial Adviser’s bank account.

Direct debit

Arrange autopay from your account, please download and return the Direct Debit Authorisation Form, or call our Customer Service Hotline on 2169 0300 for more details.