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Heng An Standard Life Asia’s new business grows 16% yoy

Company  |  2024-07-02

Ground-breaking and expanded ILAS offerings for customers and CIES applicants

13 new investment choices, 2 new fund partners and the first insurer* offering ETF investment choices#

Heng An Standard Life (Asia) Limited (“HASL Asia” or “the Company”) is leading the insurance industry by introducing ETF investment choices# within its Investment-Linked Assurance Scheme (“ILAS”), becoming the first insurer in Hong Kong* to offer this type of options. This ground-breaking development exemplifies the Company’s commitment to meeting customers’ evolving needs in diverse market conditions. 

Two money market ETF investment choices# will be brought to customers in the new batch of 13 investment choices, providing customers with over 300 investment choices on the platform; meanwhile, the Company will welcome 2 new fund houses:

  • 13 new investment choices cover: Money Market ETF#, Global Income, Global High-Grade Corporate Bond, Japan Value, India Bond, Asia Equity High Income and Asian Quality Bond
  • 2 new fund houses: China International Capital Corporation Hong Kong Asset Management Limited and Invesco Hong Kong Limited.

Harriet Zhang, Chief Investment Officer of HASL Asia, said, “As a wealth-centric insurer, we continually expand our investment choices under ILAS to provide customers with innovative and diversified choices. We are proud to be the first* in the industry to offer money market ETF investment choices# under ILAS. These versatile solutions can serve as both defensive and growth-oriented investments, meeting evolving customer needs. This breakthrough broadens the ILAS investment landscape, empowering our customers with greater choice and flexibility.”

16% new business growth amidst expanded ILAS offerings and continual investor education

HASL Asia’s new business surged 16% year on year in the first five months of 2024, driven by the Company’s strategic expansion of investment choices spanning global markets and a broad range of asset classes, catering to customers’ long-term financial needs. Complementing ILAS platform enhancements, the Company has ramped up investor education through the MoreAcademy platform, publishing educational content while collaborating with fund houses and institutions to strengthen customers’ and financial advisers’ understanding of financial planning and ILAS. These combined efforts have collectively fueled the impressive business growth.

Comprehensive financial solutions catering to the needs of CIES applicants

HASL Asia is actively supporting the HKSAR Government’s new Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (“CIES”) that aims to attract investment immigration clients to settle in Hong Kong. HASL Asia’s ILAS products are eligible financial assets that can be invested under the CIES. The newly added investment choices further empower CIES clients, allowing them to select diverse investment choices based on their investment objectives and risk tolerance and needs with the ability to make timely adjustments according to market conditions.

CIES applicants can access a wide range of global and thematic investment choices through an ILAS policy. These investment choices correspond to the approved underlying funds regulated by the SFC without the need for separate applications for each fund, making the process more streamlined and efficient. With the support of HASL Asia’s newly launched online investment portfolio platform, In+, users can log in to the system at any time to access up-to-date investment choice data and information. This allows users to monitor the performance of their portfolios more easily and adjust their portfolio instantly when necessary.

In addition to investments, ILAS products also provide life protection, allowing a policy to meet both investment and life protection needs. ILAS products are designed for long-term purposes, aligning with the minimum 7-year investment period required by customers interested in immigrating to Hong Kong through the new CIES. Furthermore, the policies offer customers unlimited free investment choice switches, enabling them to engage in long-term financial planning and facilitate a smooth transition of assets.

HASL Asia will continue to attract clients from the Asian region who are seeking long-term financial needs and investment opportunities in Hong Kong and globally, through comprehensive financial solutions and collaboration with relevant professional financial service providers.

*Compared to the data of existing insurance companies that offer ILAS products in the Hong Kong market, as of 2 July 2024.

#Unlisted share class

Media Notes:
About HASL Asia’s investment choices: https://www.hengansl.com.hk/en/investment-information/ec-Screener
About HASL Asia’s New CIES services, please visit: https://www.hengansl.com.hk/en/more-academy/CIES

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